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Before you post please read this tips to maximize your efforts in finding travel companions.


1. Post your entry atleast 1 month before the travel, 2 months or more is better.
2. Be specific and  flexible on travel dates.
3. Choose the popular airlines, so that there will be more travelers.
4. Choose gateways like Bombay, Madras, Delhi in India or San Francisco, LA, New York
    in US where more people tend to travel.
5. Mention about the languages your folks can communicate with. This will make easier.
6. Ask minimum possible help and consider other person's privacy.

After finding travel companion

7. If you find a match, contact the person immediately and communicate to make travel arrangements.
8. Arrive in airport as early as possible and don't make other person wait.
9. Be courteous and helpful thruought the travel.

                                           ****             Enjoy the trip           ****

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