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Before you come to the US.

You have seen many of your neighbors, friends, relatives have gone to US, making dollars, visiting India every one or two years, bringing gifts, throwing parties, blabbing how life is very good in US etc., Well, this is the section to really educate you on what it is like coming  to US.

Before we start, I would like to provide a brief  history of Indians who came to India. First Indian came to US in around mid 1800s when British people brought Indians to work in farms. Majority of them were from Punjab and  settled in West coast of US (California, Oregon, Washington states). But the major surge of Indian immigrants came  in late 50s and early sixties. Mostly they were coming here as students, visiting scholars, along with them came their family. During Vietnam war era in early 70s, US needed man power in the area of engineers, doctors, nurses and many other services. So lots of Indians took advantage of this instant green card opportunity and emigrated to US along with their family. Then sponsored the relatives, parents, brothers and sisters. This started growing like pyramid. Another wave of Indians(not really from India, refugees from Uganda)from Africa came (most of them from the origins of Gujarat). These people brought wealth with them and began investing in hotels/motels, grocery stores, and other petty businesses.

From seventies and eighties, lots of Indians came as students to pursue higher education in the US. Graduates from enginering, science, arts and business were coming to obtain masters and doctoral degrees. Indian engineers have become vital part of American industry most significantly in high tech industries. They are scattered all over the country with heavy concentration in Silicon Valley, California and New York/ New Jersey area. Due to the high tech boom and opening of many jobs, nineties saw heavy exodus of Indian engineers to America. Thanks to software services industry both in US and India, a new era of H1b started. Every year thousands of engineers are coming to US to work in American software industry, and to realize the American dream.

Now you are in middle of completing your studies in one of the universities in India, or you have already completed your studies and ready to take on real world challenge. Either way, if you interested in coming to America, this is the section you should read.

  First thing you should do is to determine what area you are interested in working. Is it the database or internet or networking or DBA or Unix System administration. In my opinion, I would not recommend anybody to seek jobs in US right after your graduation. Get atleast six months paid experience which will give you time, experience which will help in finding the right job you wanted. Coming to US in no big deal, but surviving after once you are in US is big deal. So plan properly, ask your friends, relatives all the information about what interests you.

Second step is contact your friends or acquaintance for referral of jobs. I would always give first preference to the people you know. If they are happy with the company they are working, they will happily recommend you. If this is out of question, next best thing is to see if the local company is hiring for jobs in the city you are working. After sometime they might send you to US. Third preference is contact the companies who advertise in the local news paper.

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